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Ultraviolet radiation as a risk factor for cataract and macular degeneration.


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The Best Sunglasses for Macular Degeneration


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Ultra-violet and Blue Light Aggravate Macular Degeneration


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Macular Degeneration Facts


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Benefits of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

In a time where cost often takes a back seat to the many conveniences in one's life, fast food, cell phones and CD players, to name a few, it seems simple to accept the convenience of a daily disposable lens. But many practitioners in the United States haven't jumped on the daily disposables bandwagon. According [...]

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Introducing Time-Release Comfort Focus?DAILIES with Aqua Release

Focus?DAILIES?contact lenses were introduced by CIBA Vision in 1997 and have now become the best-selling daily disposable lens in North America. Manufactured with the company's patented Lightstream'" process, Focus DAILIES are made in reusable quartz molds that produce high-quality lenses at a very reasonable cost. Focus DAILIES always have been designed to be thrown away [...]

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<< Back Pachymetry: The New Standard of Care In Glaucoma

Since the publication of the Ocular Hypertension Treatment Study (OHTS), central corneal thickness as a significant risk factor for glaucoma has been central to the discussion of its management. The study defines several risk factors that increase the probability of progression to glaucoma including older age, higher IOP, greater pattern standard deviation, larger vertical cup/disc [...]

From Novelty to Necessity

The main area of optometry in which I have found the most fulfillment — working in missions — came as a surprise because it found me. In fact, while in optometry school and upon graduation, I never considered doing this type of work. But, a single event in the middle of Ecuador changed all that... [...]

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Intacs/Corneal Ring Segments

Intracorneal Rings (ICRs) are plastic inserts placed in the cornea. The rings flatten the central cornea to correct low levels of nearsightedness (myopia). Unlike other refractive surgery procedures, intracorneal rings can be removed. When the inserts are removed the cornea returns to its preoperative shape and one is again nearsighted. The procedure is generally performed [...]

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Prescribing Contact Lenses for Athletic Performance

For sports and recreational enthusiasts, contact lenses provide substantial visual and physical performance advantages over spectacles. Any optical system with a vertex distance induces optical distortions, particularly when looking peripherally. The most evident distortion is prismatic shift, which causes the image to be shifted in visual space relative to the true object. Simply speaking, with [...]

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