Focus?DAILIES?contact lenses were introduced by CIBA Vision in 1997 and have now become the best-selling daily disposable lens in North America. Manufactured with the company’s patented Lightstream'” process, Focus DAILIES are made in reusable quartz molds that produce high-quality lenses at a very reasonable cost. Focus DAILIES always have been designed to be thrown away after a single use.
While the original Focus DAILIES is a marketplace success, consumer input revealed a small segment of Focus DAILIES users experienced dry-ness toward the end of the day.

Time-Release Comfort
To accomplish all-day, time-release comfort, we focused our research on polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), which is a common moisturizing agent found in comfort eye drops. It is also the proprietary ingredient in the original nelfilcon A (Focus DAILIES) lens. PVA’s lubricity and wetting character is a function of its ability to act as a cushioning (thickening) agent. Our research team hypothesized that if we could find a way to incorporate a higher concentration of PVA into the nelfilcon A lens matrix, we might enhance the lens insertion comfort as well as the end-of-day comfort.
The major technical challenge was to avoid having the PVA leach out of the lens matrix while being stored in the lens blister pack, before the lens was ever inserted. If we failed to stop that, the higher amount of PVA might improve the initial comfort sensation, but have little effect after 14 or more hours of wear. Our R&D team at CIBA Vision overcame the challenge and the result is Focus DAILIES with AquaRelease, the first daily disposable in the US with sustained release moisturizing agent acting to improve end of day wearing comfort.
The soluble PVA concentration in Focus DAILIES with AquaRelease is five times that of the original Focus DAILIES lens. AquaRelease works by mechanical pumping and shearing action of blinking. The result is a slow release of the soothing PVA ingredient into the tear film and onto the lens surface. By the end of the wearing day, the concentration of soluble PVA remaining in the lens matrix is largely depleted. That helps assure that the lens will only be worn for a single day.
The addition of AquaRelease opens up a new vista for contact lenses, creating a new category of time-release comfort.
Clinically Proven to Increase End-of-Day Comfort
To evaluate objectively the AquaRelease on wearer comfort, CIBA Vision conducted a one-week crossover clinical study comparing response to Focus DAILIES with AquaRelease versus original Focus DAILIES lenses. The improved lens was rated significantly higher than the original for end- of-day comfort.1
Another clinical study involved nearly 400 patients whose habitual lens was the original Focus DAILIES. Half of the sample was dispensed the Focus DAILIES with AquaRelease and the other half the original Focus DAILIES, with the identity of the lenses masked. Focus DAILIES with AquaRelease was preferred overall and for end-of-day comfort.2
Based on clinical results, Focus DAILIES with AquaRelease is the first contact lens for which the FDA allowed an all-day comfort claim on the lens packaging.3

Improving the Leader
Focus DAILIES with AquaRelease lenses are made with the same Lightstream manufacturing process as was the original Focus DAILIES lens. It uses the same nelfilcon A polymer, which is non-ionic and less likely to bind protein to the surface.
The “new” Focus DAILIES lens also features Visitint? a visibility tint to aid initial insertion and otherwise make lens handling easier. The lens edge design, base curve and specifications are the same as the original lens, so no re-fitting of current Focus DAILIES patients is required. Focus DAILIES with AquaRelease is still designed for single use compliance because distribution of AquaRelease begins to diminish at the end of the day to help ensure compliance with recommended wearing schedule.4
With these improvements Focus DAILIES lenses are an even better choice for first time contact lens patients, particularly teens and spectacle wearers, who appreciate the comfort, hygiene and convenience of Focus DAILIES with AquaReleas

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Edition: March 2007
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