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As an online hub for optometry practitioners, Casa Vision partners with organisations who endeavour to provide better eye care everywhere.

Be it through fundraising initiatives to improve eye-health, further education for doctors, the sharing of diagnostic practices, free eye testing, or the promotion and sponsorship of community events, Casa Vision is committed to bringing all facets of optometry into one place:

Giving Site

Optometry Giving Sight is a global charity that transforms lives through the gift of Vision. It raises funds for sustainable vision care projects in the developing world- to help people who are vision impaired for lack of an eye exam and glasses. It offers great fundraising programs to optometrists and optometric companies that not only raises needed dollars but also creates community publicity, improves practice image and helps staff retention. All donations are tax deductible and 85% of every donation goes directly to their eye care programs. For more information or to make a donation, visit